I hadn't been on a plane since before 9/11 and I've never had very much opportunity to leave my home state of Louisiana. While friends went on magical European getaways, my wanderlust grew. I've always imagined myself living a life of travel and adventure but my life up to this point has been a far cry from "Eat. Pray. Love." and something more like Emily Dickinson writing about what she believed the ocean to be like from her bedroom, so you can imagine when my fiance was called in for a job interview in Chicago, I jumped at the opportunity to tag along and see some of the world outside of my cayenne-scented bubble. 

Unsurprisingly, my first time in such a large city was a shock to me, a literal culture shock. Surely New Orleans would have prepared me for this urban landscape in some small way but it felt nothing like home, and after adjusting to the flow of foot traffic and the fact that smiling is no longer a common public exchange, that was okay. I finally had an opportunity that I had imagined countless times before. 

I didn't really believe we would get to move here, that something like this would never happen for us, but here we are. My fiance was offered the job a week after interviewing and after the chaos of moving, we are finally settling in. I miss my old job, my co-workers, my friends, my family- but I look forward to growing in my career and outgrowing that girl who never flew, never traveled and always felt like nothing big would ever happen for her. 

Allie AppelComment